Slice: Day Two

Most of the afternoon was spent creating word lists and writing letters of recommendation.

My 6th grade students will be writing poems about courage tomorrow so to help them articulate their thoughts I designed a word bank for them. Two lists–one with words that relate to fear and one with words that relate to courage. We have been analyzing Anne Sexton’s poem Courage, so I thought the kids could craft one of their own. Last week we brainstormed fear and the students mainly mentioned spiders, snakes, and scary movies. I wanted them to delve into real life problems like taking risks, fitting in, and speaking their mind. This week I plan to steer them toward personal courage. Hopefully the poems will take on a deeper meaning.

Six of my 8th grade students did not get into the selective schools that they applied for, so they are writing an appeal to their dream high school. Our district is set up so that kids who are high achieving can take a test to get into a magnet school–they must of course have strong grades and high test scores too. These schools are far more attractive than the neighborhood schools. Many of kids do not qualify. It is very competitive. They get so disappointed and then there is a mad rush to appeal. They must send in three letters of recommendation with their appeal.

Fear and Courage…they go hand-in-hand through our daily lives. This blog is my small leap of faith. My courage keeps chipping away at my fears. My fear of writing, speaking my mind, and taking risks.

Have courage my friends and push through another day of the Slice.

4 thoughts on “Words

  1. What an amazing teacher you are to so thoughtfully and carefully help your students to cultivate the tools needed for success beyond the classroom. Thanks for being so courageous yourself, and for sharing your slice.

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