The Nest

Slice #3

The nest is half empty.

During second block I noticed my phone flashing. Still teaching, I walk toward my desk. Everyone knows I don’t answer the phone during school. I glance at the familiar picture that popped up. Cary, our oldest, is calling. My heart sank. He above all knows I can’t answer the phone. Still teaching, I begin to wonder if all is okay. He and his wife live 500 ridiculous miles away. Too far.

Still teaching, “Who comes to visit Psyche in the night?” One hand slowly rises. Yes, my go to guy has the answer! I can move the class closer to a writing assignment.

“Great, Eros. Take out your notebooks and explain why Psyche must know what Eros looks like. What are some of the emotions she’s feeing?” The rustling of binders, zipping pencil cases, and soft chatter rises.

He left a text message: call when you get a chance. Ugh…can’t, still teaching.

At lunch I call. They are pregnant! Whew.

One nest filling up.

7 thoughts on “The Nest

  1. The full-circle beginning and ending creates a very satisfying effect in your writing! This taps into a very universal experience for teachers — the sense of living in a separate world, the world of the classroom as distinct from the world of your ‘real’ life. Nicely put together! πŸ™‚

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