Beast Poetry


Ok Slicers–you must try erasure poetry. Using inspiration from Dana Murphy’s poem, I created an erasure poem from Bohemian San Franciso This was really fun and really fast. It’s beast (as my middle school students would say).

Passing through
the curtained room in the parlor
a rush of patrons
form thin slices of peculiar.
Experienced ones,
who always pass over modern
unenlightened ones,
follow a sweet tip
and made him as happy as a present.

I know an art teacher who uses old beat up novels–usually classic literature and tears out the pages. She then gives each student a page and a Sharpie marker. They black out words to create a similar effect. She also shows them how to create designs with the Sharpie so that the page is not only a new poem but a work of art. I have also seen this on Pinterest. A great activity for a Friday afternoon.

4 thoughts on “Beast Poetry

  1. I’ve been meaning to try this and now it is officially on my list… in writing. I love your erasure poem, the language flows so beautifully. Well done.

  2. Love it. I did blackout poetry with my kiddos with varying degrees of success. But we did it on the iPad and i think that it would have been better on paper. I wonder if it would be really cool to pull pages from a much loved on (old) copy of a class read aloud and have them start from there?

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