Dishing the Dirt


She plops down on the stool, iPhone in hand and ear buds in place. “Is he here?” Pandora blurts (name changed to protect the innocent–hehehe).

“Is who here?” I say still staring at my computer and typing away. Then I turn her way and float a smile to her.

“Mrs. Aguilar don’t play like. You know exactly who I’m talking about.” Dropping her head to blush.

“Don’t you say hello first?”

iPhone and ear buds still in place she gives me a side hug and says, “Of course.”

Ever since the freakishly strong grip of winter has had us all by the throat, a group of gregarious middle schoolers spend mornings with me. Well, not really WITH me. I’ve been teaching middle school long enough to know that it is not me they are coming to see; they are coming to dish the dirt. I just happen to have a warm place to do it in, but I actually like having them around in the morning. At least they are safe and warm.

“Do you think he will be here today.” Pandora says sweetly as she slides her thumb across the screen.

“I guess so.” I say looking at my screen.

“Mrs. Aguuuuuilaaaaar,” she whines.


“Don’t you think he is cute?” She smiles and looks up at the ceiling.

“Not really,” I say deadpan.

“Ugh.” Rolling her eyes at me she continues to glide her thumb across the phone.

Then HE walks in. Horn rimmed glasses, backpack full to the gills, Chicago Bulls skull cap strategically placed so the yarn ball on top bounces to the beat of his walk. “Hey, Mrs. A,” he says with a nod in my direction. Throwing his backpack to the floor, and yanking his chair from under the desk he sits. He pulls a well worn sketchbook from his pack and a book on how to draw dragons. He finds a pencil and begins to draw.

Meanwhile Pandora is swooning. Her cheeks softly blush and she smiles at me.

“What?” I say.

“Mrs. Aguuuuuuuuuilaaaaar!” she whines.

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