Sugar We’re Through! Maybe…

I started my day at the organic grocery store. They have the most beautiful self-serve salad bar on the planet. The shiny stainless steel is blinding. It’s a delight for the senses. There is not one piece of wilted lettuce in the bin, the carrots have a healthy deep orange hue, and the cucumbers are nestled in perfect rows.

Tossed all my greens into a plastic container and headed for the check out. I just can’t wait to go home to put all this green goodness in my body; I am the poster child for healthy living.

Heading home I stopped at CVS to get some mouthwash.

Oooo…jelly beans.

Sugar! No! What am I thinking?!? I’m going home to a salad! I can do this. I can walk away from these delightful little beans. Seriously, what harm will come from jelly beans? Ugh! I threw them in my basket.

Balance–it’s all about balance. 😉





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